Dienstag, 5. Februar 2008

Super Lion Tournament 2 !! - April 14th & 15th - Villefontaine (~Lyon)

Originally by porc:

Here we go again for the second edition of the Super Lion Tournament 2. It has some improvements, and unfortunately some disadvantages.

Let's begin with the disadvantages :
There were not any places left on week ends, that's why the tourney takes place on a monday and tuesday,

The improvements :
-The place we rent costs (only) 100€ for two days (last time it was 260€), so if the entrance fee is set to 10€, cash prizes are almost guaranteed.
-If you add 5€, you are fed during the tournament (3 to 4 meals).
-We have a 100 people limit.
-We will have a device to record finals/crews and other stuff.
-Salepâte will be at the Lyon trainstation (gare La Part-Dieu) on monday morning to guide people who come by train.

Entrance fees :
Lion Cub pass : 10€ - You can participate to every tournaments (1v1, 2v2 etc.) and you're housed for 2 days.
Lion King pass : 15€ - Same thing, but you get food (there's a good chance it will be noodles).

Cashprizes :
It willprobably be like :
1st 60%
2nd 25%
3rd 15%

There will be cashprizes as soon as we get 11 people.

The venue :
The venue is at Villefontaine, a city near Lyon. To get there, you can get a bus from Lyon (gare la Part-Dieu) which costs 2€. Timetables are http://ti.bug.free.fr/TRANS-1920.pdf. You must stop at "La Cruzille".

If you come by car, here is the adress :
Salle Didier Latimier
Parc du Vellein
Villefontaine 38090

(there's a big theater in front of it)

Here are some plans :
Villefontaine : http://ti.bug.free.fr/plan1.jpg
How to get to the venue from the highway : http://ti.bug.free.fr/plan2.jpg
(It's in french, " autoroute " means " highway " and " salle " means " venue ".

Interrested and registered :
Salepâte (Lion King)
Porc (Lion King)
Wii Lee(Lion King)

PS : The Tournament isn't confirmed yet, we wait to know if enough people are interrested. If not, we will report it to later (maybe during this summer).