Montag, 24. März 2008

Newly added Links

originally by nealdt:

Welcome to All is Brawl, the most advanced community-run Super Smash Bros. website anywhere!

We know that there's a lot of Smash sites out there -- some old, some new -- but we believe we're the best. Our site is built from the ground-up to deliver unparalleled features and support that you won't find anywhere else. Anyone can throw up a forum, post some information that their best friend translated from Japan, and call it a day... but it takes a dedicated administration staff to deliver what we have at All is Brawl: a fully integrated social networking platform for Smashers, with dozens of unique features unavailable anywhere else, that makes this site the ultimate one-stop destination for all types of Smashers.

Just check out some of our major features:

Social Networking
  • A full Facebook-style social networking platform with user profiles, custom avatars, friend lists, private messaging, shoutouts ("wall" posts), and more!
  • User groups let you meet and share thoughts with like-minded players.
  • Badges (with special titles) are given out regularly to recognition community contributions.
  • Recent Activity keeps your friends updated on what you're up to.
  • Non-smash profile sections let you add info about other games (Pokemon, Super Mario Strikers) to your profile.
  • The only comprehensive tournament solution anywhere!
  • Find tournaments based on dozens of parameters: what's near you, what's coming up soon, what's being held online, and more.
  • Each tournament gets its own profile with rules, venue information, attendee lists, polls, and a discussion forum.
  • After the event, upload your tournament's data file and we'll host 100% complete results for you, which can be linked to each entrant's All is Brawl profile so they can build up a tournament history!
  • Anyone who finishes top 4 in a tournament gets a special medal commemorating their accomplishment.
  • Tournaments tie in very tightly to our forum, giving each tournament its own forum topic, results topic (once uploaded), and a very special sub-forum where attendees can start side topics without clogging the main thread.
  • A "modern" forum layout with all the features you expect from a major website.
  • Special topics and forums for tournaments, user groups, news, videos, and stages. These topics are automatically created by All is Brawl and import information related to each item; this lets you view news posts from our News forum, or find user groups by searching the Group Discussion rooms.
  • IRC-style chat room integrated directly into the site -- no need to download a third-party application!
  • Use our chat room to find other people who want to play; it's an instantaneous match-making environment.
  • There's nothing quite like our video library when it comes to finding Smash videos. We index Youtube videos by game, mode, characters, players, and more, giving you easy ways to find Marth tournament matches or combo videos of Pikmin & Olimar.
  • Our easy upload process imports your data directly from Youtube, making it extremely easy to add new videos to the library.
  • Commenting and rating separate from Youtube
  • Video albums group similar videos together to keep the library nice and clean; instead of seeing 5 matches of Ken vs. Isai from the same tournament, they're grouped into one album and displayed as a group.
  • Each video also gets its own forum topic where users can watch and comment on the video from a more familiar forum environment.
  • Our Stage Library is the best place anywhere for posting Brawl custom stages!
  • Find, download, & rate other users' custom stages
  • Well-made stages are featured on the front page for more exposure!
Site content
  • Daily news updates on our front page highlighting new developments in the community.
  • Regular interviews, articles, and spotlights on important community members, tournaments, videos, stages, and more.
  • Our content tagging system allows easy searching and browsing of all our content from one page.

Add an administrative staff that's up every night talking with users about cool new features, and you've got a Smash site that can't be beat. So why don't you sign up and take a look around?