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Royal Flush Monthly Smash #2 - 26.1.08 : Results and Videos


Entrants: 13
1. AE.
2. Yomi-no-Kuni
3. Tero
4. Nik

Entrants: 6
1. Let's get dangerous (Tero + Yomi)
2. Ja Foll! (P!z@ + AE)
3. Yang & Yang (Makkura + Keosu)
4. Frozen Brothers (Nik + B_R)

Entrants: 13
1. Keosu
2. Yomi-no-Kuni
3. P!z@
4. AE.


Looserbracket final
P!z@ vs Yomi-no-Kuni 1 - Pokemon Stadium
P!z@ vs Yomi-no-Kuni 2 - Final Destination
P!z@ vs Yomi-no-Kuni 3 - Rainbow Ride
P!z@ vs Yomi-no-Kuni 4 - Fountain of Dreams

looserbracket semifinal
(nur ein match xD)
AE vs Yomi - Pokemon Stadium

Lowtier Final
Yomi coming from Looserbracket
Yomi vs AE 1 - Fountain of Dreams
Yomi vs AE 2 - Mute city
Yomi vs AE 3 - Kongo Jungle 64
Yomi vs AE 4 - Final Destination (Y.Link vs Link)

Team Finals
Lets get dangerous coming from Looserbracket
Set 1:
Let's get dangerous vs Ja Foll! 1 - Pokemon Stadium
Lets get dangerous vs Ja Foll! 2 - Final Destination
Lets get dangerous vs Ja Foll! 3 - Kongo Jungle 64
Lets get dangerous vs Ja Foll! 4 - Final Destination
Lets get dangerous vs Ja Foll! 5 - Kongo Jungle 64
Lets get dangerous vs Ja Foll! 6 - Battle Field

Set 2:
Lets get5 Dangerous vs Ja Foll 1 - Final Destination
Lets get dangerous vs Ja Foll 2 - Pokemon Stadium
Lets get dangerous vs Ja Foll 3 - Final Destination
Lets get dangerous vs Ja Foll 4 - Battle Field

Crewmatch RaF vs SbF
Steam & Download (Filefront)

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New Brawl Stuff


Montag, 28. Januar 2008

AE Gaming presents : AE Gaming's Bi-Weeklies (Possibly 1 Brawl Copy available!)

Belgian SSBB Tournament *Brawl Dreamland*

Original Thread :

Posted WITH Madnexx's permission :

Belgian SSBB Tournament *Brawl Dreamland*

True, the PAL region does not have a confirmed release date as of yet... But I figured it wouldn't hurt to let people know already.

Shortly after Brawl comes out, me and a friend of mine are planning on organizing a Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament in, yes, Belgium.

The tournament will hopefully take place July/August (depending on Brawl's PAL release date) and should take place in the city of Turnhout (or at least somewhere in it's immediate environment). We already have two 'potential' venues in Turnhout.

Depending on the PAL release date, but probably either July or August. I will update the exact date as soon as possible.

Well, considering Brawl isn't released yet the rules are of course not set in stone as of yet and subject to change.
Of course, it'll be No Items, (probably) 4-stocks and it seems to me that stages such as Battlefield, Smashville and Lylat Cruise make for perfectly good random select stages with Final Destination highly likely to return in some form as well.
Also things such as "after a match loser picks stage, winner picks character, loser picks character" and "no stalling" are pretty obvious.
I will make a more organized list of rules as soon as possible.

Entry Fee:
We will try to keep that as low as possible but there probably 'will' be an entry fee in order to pay for venue costs and so there is a cash prize for at least the top 3.

So far, 18 people are interested in attending. If you are interested, post here asking to be added to the list or contact me in some form.

(Nick)Name / Country / Main(s)
Madnexx / Belgium / Kirby *Tournament Organizer and aka Banana_Dragon
Thorismud / Belgium / Bowser-Ike-Ganondorf(?) *Tournament Organizer
Keke / Belgium / ???
Shipe / Belgium / Kirby-Ice Climbers
TomDudeMan / Belgium / ???
Ryuk / Germany / Sonic
Yomi-no-Kuni / Germany / Sheik
BF.Com / The Netherlands / Sonic-Fox-???
Lawrencelot / The Netherlands / PT-Pit-Diddy
Infinite Krullen / The Netherlands / Samus-Ganondorf(?)-Mewtwo(?)
AE / Switzerland / ??? *Tries to be the new Azen
Jarri / Belgium / ???
Milkie / ??? / ???
Klink / Belgium / Link-Luigi(?)
P!z@ / Switzerland / Peach
Witchking of Angmar / Germany / Sheik-Marth(?)-???
Biscuit / The Netherlands / Jigglypuff
Captain McCloud / The Netherlands / Fox